Good question

“Where do we begin to draw a new boundary line, or even any boundary line? What do we use as a measure to frame art? Where on the map of the “expanded field” is the place where things cease to be art?” — John Alford, from a lecture in my 20th Century Art class



Generate Tweets Based on the DNA of Existing Tweets

That can be my next tweet generates an infinite number of pre-determined tweets based on the so-called “DNA” of your existing Twitter posts.

The Awesomness of Brandon Bird

We’ve reached the 48 hour mark of Ice Storm 2011. The zombie apocalypse is the only description I can equate to my pilgrimage to Publix today. Here’s something awesome I’ve discovered during the lock-in.

“Lazy Sunday Afternoon” Oil on Canvas 20″ x 30″ – Just Christopher Walken building a robot drinking Tab

Minimalist Card Design

Etsy store owner Steven Roggenbuck designed these deliciously minimalistic cards for sale in his store.

Use it up – Wear it out – Make it do!

There’s no denying the awesomeness of dudes like Ben Shahn and Lucian Bernhard when it comes to WWI & II propaganda posters. These, however, are some of the stranger designs I’ve come across.

BottomsUP Beer Tap Dispenses Beer Through Bottom of Glass

BottomsUP Beer Tap designed by GrinOn Industries dispenses beer through the bottom of the glass.